World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse

It seems that the World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse is getting closer to happening now, as we have been forecasting. The situation is quite dire. Even though many pundits out there are saying the market is feeling it, they have it wrong, the global stock markets having nothing to do with the real economy. That is they are unrelated. News does effect the market but they are dislocated from each other.

A mooted quantitative easing 3 and the governments printing off more money is just a sign World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse and when the shit hits the fan it will be bigger and badder than your worst nightmares.

It does not matter what happens on the stock markets. orari borsa  It will be your daily living that will be effected.

Everyone knows the government has the ability to print off endless amounts of money. But the government can default 2 ways:-

1) They will stop paying the interest on the total amount of debt owning.


2) They will just keep paying the interest on their current debts, with a currency that is worthless.

As the World Economy keeps Rolling Toward Total Collapse both of these situations are not going to work. But most people are relying on the government to keep us safe and protect us from such a catastrophic event from happening.

What people do not understand is that they are artificially boosting up the markets by printing more money. Its been going on for years now. It is only a disguise and to keep you in a false sense of security.

If you own a computer, chances are somewhere down the line, it will crash and you will have to reboot it every once and a while. Eventually you will see this happen to the global economies. Will it be bad? YES, mark my word! but it is necessary for this to happen so that things can recover and we will can start from scratch.

For now I sit on my gold and silver investment and smile and feel pity for those out there that keep listening to the government. These are the guys who keep getting it wrong I might add. It is why little guys like me get little or NO exposure, because I have always wanted to bring the truth. But sometimes the truth hurts especially with the World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse.

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