Wedding stage decoration tips

If wedding ornaments are not your area of expertise, then here are a few tips to get you started!

You need to start from choosing a theme. Following are some suggestions …

The classic yet elegant white wedding theme:

Traditional weddings are a great family bonding affair. They also require a massive, carefully planned seating arrangement – this may be the tricky bit, but think of all the wedding gifts you shall receive!

Pastel themed wedding is a bridesmaid’s dream – make the bride the cynosure of the crowd by donning a beautiful wedding dress while the bridesmaids are clad in complementing pastels colors – have similar light-toned flowers and the wedding décor shall be a sight for sore eyes!

Red and gold for an easy color-coordinated and rustic, yet romantic look:

A fairytale wedding with music dance, scintillating lights, and fireworks to make your childhood dream come to reality.

Floral weddings are always the safest yet memorable wedding theme. Pro-tip: use artificial flowers mixed with real ones on a flower wall to cut down the final cost.

Royal wedding ceremony – for people who love to go big or go home. Arrange regal decoration items like crystal chandeliers, delicacies as the wedding food, and a grand wedding décor with royal colors like purple and gold.

Dance-party themed wedding for people who party like pros and have hired a great band. Add the disco feel to your wedding ceremony with flashing lights and a huge dancefloor. The bride and groom can also perform their specially choreographed dances for each other!

Go wild with non-traditional, gypsy-esque wedding styles. If you are bored with the traditional wedding theme, then arrange your wedding in an unconventional location like a beach or an abandoned building. Read your vows and then celebrate the night of partying with your friends!

Set a Budget

Some people may see the wedding stage as an additional extravagance. All the wedding expenses like food, diamond rings, seating arrangement as well as dresses and décor, the stage often doesn’t seem like a top priority. Hence, having a clear-cut budget will allow you to build a splendid stage without compromising on other things. Once your budget is sorted, you can easily enhance the stage décor through slight tweaks that can have a massive impact on the outcome.

Look for a Venue that Suits Your Theme

Going for an outdoor or an indoor setting will influence your stage material and cost differently. Outdoor venues are cheaper and perfect in the right weather. But additional costs for a portable backdrop and a sturdy stage may stretch your budget. Indoor venues often offer their wedding stage décor which some may find monotonous and overused. But following your theme may be easier in an indoor setting – especially if you’re looking for something out of the box in an abandoned building or a nightclub revamped for a wedding ceremony.

Prepare a Mood Board

You must have a direction and a clear vision of what you want exactly so that you or your wedding planner can start looking for the best quality materials at a feasible price. A few pointers that shall help you build a mood board include knowing how many couches you want on the stage, the dimensions of the stage, and having a fair idea of whether you want aerial, parallel, and/or floor decorations. This simplistic road map will get you brainstorming.  

Hire an Event Planner Who Knows Exactly What You Want

Share your vision board and look for event planners who have arranged similar stage decorations. This way you won’t be spending hours explaining what you want and stay apprehensive about the outcome.

Skip the Event Planner and Go for Vendors, If on a Tight Budget

Once you have your theme in mind, you can easily set your stage by working with vendors and laborers – flowers are the go-to backdrop for a smaller budget.  

Make Sure that the Colors Don’t Clash

The stage decoration has visual appeal and uplifts the ambiance – strong flashing lights and clashing colors can make the most expensive décor look bland and tacky.

Think About the Structure Along with the Décor

Finally, when it comes to decorating, no matter what you choose you must think about the structure that upholds the décor. Whether you’re going with drapes around the stage chair, pillars, or a canopy of flowers, every aspect of the décor should be aligned – or at least covered with lights and flowers!

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