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Plant Journal: GM technology

Website of the Plant Journal, featuring a debate on biotechnology and reviews on the subject of GM plants (freely downloadable), including a review on the food safety of GM foods by Dr. Harry Kuiper and co-workers (Comment ENTRANSFOOD).

Report "Safety of Genetically Engineered Crops"
The Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) has issued a report composed of reviews by experts on the environmental- and food- safety of GM crops (Comment ENTRANSFOOD).
(Release, VIB August 8, 2001)
Full report (pdf):

Questions and answers on the regulation of GMOs in the EU
The European Commission, Directorate General for Public Health and Consumer Protection, has released a document explaining regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the status of approvals for environmental release and food use of GMOs (Comment ENTRANSFOOD).(EC DG SANCO, July 24, 2001, MEMO/00/277) Report on crop biotechnology and food safety
New developments in crop biotechnology are reviewed and their possible implications for food safety and food safety evaluation are discussed (Comment ENTRANSFOOD).
(RIKILT, April 2000)