Directorate E - Biotechnology, agriculture and food
Food quality and safety



meeting of the project leaders and commission services

brussels, 6 march 2003


14.30   Welcome and Introduction (Liam Breslin)

14.45   European Network Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Food Crops
(Harry Kuiper)

15:00   New Methods for the Safety Testing of Transgenic Food
(Jean-Michel Wal / Ib Kundsen)

15.15   New Methodologies for Assessing the Potential of Unintended Effects in Genetically Modified Food Crops (Angharad Gatehouse)

15:30   Safety Evaluation of Horizontal Gene Transfer from Genetically Modified Organisms to the Microflora of the Food Chain and Human Gut
(Walter Hammes)

15:45   Traceability and Quantitative Detection of Genetically Modified Foods
(Marina Miraglia)

16:00   New Technology in Food Science Facing the Multiplicity of New Released               GMO (GMOChips)
Serge Leimans)

16:45   Societal Aspects of Genetically Modified Foods and Crops
(Volkert Beekman)

17:00   Discussion (All)

17:30   Close