A Cordless Tea Kettle – Perfect For Afternoon Tea

The traditional custom of serving afternoon tea need not mean that a convenient cordless tea kettle be relegated to the kitchen cupboard. It blends perfectly with the dishes and decor you set out for your afternoon break and it also makes keeping the tea hot and cups refilled quite easy. If you’ve never hosted a tea before, these tips will help you plan a perfect afternoon with friends.

Take some time to plan the food and beverages for your afternoon tea and assemble all the necessary ingredients. There is no need to use a set of cups and saucers that all match; in fact offering several different patterns of fine china with varying designs makes for a unique and pretty presentation. Best copper tea kettle Do try to stick with a single theme, though, such as florals or gold accents.

You will need a pitcher for cream and a pretty bowl for sugar, along with spoons. You may want to invest in special spoons with a decorated handle. If you are mixing and matching china patterns, keep the tray you place everything atop simple. Sterling silver is always an excellent choice. If your tray is large enough, you can took your food selections around the middle; if not, prepare another platter to hold the snacks and small plates.

Of course the main attraction is the tea. Decide ahead of time if you are going to make one pot for everyone or allow your guests to choose their own. In the former case, a cordless tea kettle can be brought out right on the tray and brew as you and your guests get settled. In the latter case, provide a cordless Braun water kettle that will keep the water ready for any type of tea your guests select for their own personalised cup.

When your guests arrive, all you need do is place your pre-assembled trays on the table, then sit down and enjoy the good company of your friends. The only thing you may have to do is refill your kettle – especially if it is a cool day and the tea is going down fast. Now, see how easy it is to incorporate a cordless tea kettle into your next afternoon get-together?

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