FAO Ethics Series: Genetically Modified Organisms, Consumers, Food Safety and the Environment.
This publication reviews developments in genetically modified crops, food security, and ethical issues (Comment ENTRANSFOOD)
(FAO/WHO, 2001)

  • International Rice Research Institute Begins Testing 'Golden Rice'
    he genetically modified "Golden Rice", which yields kernels containing provitamin A, will be tested for safety and utility by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines. IRRI is one of the international agricultural research institutes that contributed to the "Green Revolution" in the sixties. The rice is intended to combat the vitamin A deficiency, which affects millions of world citizens. The research, distribution, and information about Golden Rice is supported by a "Humanitarian Board".
    Rockefeller Foundation, 22 jan 2001

  • Rice genome data made available by Monsanto
    August 2000

  • Arabidopsis genome sequenced